Wedding album - a loving heritage

Nothing and we mean nothing compares to the tangible beauty of memories beautifully composed in a wedding album. You may scroll down your digital photos and recollect your bridal excitement but it is another thing when you hold something in your hands that visually narrates your love story.

It is one thing to browse through digital photos of the wedding day with your beloved, but another when you sit side by side, open a good bottle, and cosy up while browsing through the pages of a wedding photo album. There is a certain nostalgia when we think about printed photos, a reminder of a time bygone but never forgotten. Imagine after long years when you are surrounded by your children and even grandchildren, then you pull out your wedding album and relive one of the most iconic days of your life with them. Sharing what was, what is, and what will always be - an everlasting love. It is a beautiful heritage that you can pass onto future generations or simply a tradition that you will share with your other half for anniversaries.

The wedding photo album is not a random selection. When our couples wish to receive this tangible portrayal, we curate this particular chapter of your life accordingly down to the last detail with them. We contemplate every emotion experienced in order to catalogue the perfect visual poetry of your grand day. Our sole purpose is to evoke the most profound emotions when you hold it and see the retrospective like you are there once again, saying “I do” for the first time. To feel the excitement, to feel the epiphany, to melt away in overwhelming emotions.

We care only for your love story and most precious impressions of the day when you tied the knot, that is why we offer diligently curated packages with flexible album credits that you can savour for your wedding album for a lifetime to come.

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