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Wedding tips for brides: How To Fly With A Wedding Dress

Flying with your wedding dress takes a lot of preparation and technique. Sometimes, you will discover too late that an airline won’t have a default storage for sensitive items, but no biggie! There are many ways you can protect your delicate silk and tulle gown.

You are flying soon, and you need to learn how to transport your gown so that it arrives at its destination in pristine condition? Here are some wedding tips for brides that will help you.

Invest In A Destination Garment Bag

There are gowns that come with generic garment bags, which are paper-thin most of the time. Unfortunately, this type of bag won’t protect your wedding dress. The great news is that you can purchase a quality destination garment bag that is designed for traveling and has features that keep clothes neat and wrinkle-free.

Some destination garment bags even have a more roomy bottom to better accommodate a voluminous gown or a long train. It’s also a breeze to carry these traveling garment bags, as they are equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and can easily attach to airport trolleys.

Seek Help, And You Shall Be Heard

You’d be surprised how helpful customer service people are, so no need to worry. If you’re a bit uneasy about your gown being tossed or shoved around through an airport x-ray, you may inform the TSA agent that you are flying with a delicate gown. They’d be more than willing to assist you.

It is highly recommended that you consult your airline a few days before your flight to let them know that you will be flying with a wedding dress and inquire if they have a closet on the plane. If they don’t have one, then at least you will be able to board well-prepared.

Purchase Priority Boarding

For a certain fee, you can purchase priority boarding. It will allow you to be one of the first passengers to get on board the plane and have the luxury to search for adequate space in the overhead bin. It is the next best thing if your airline has no closet to offer.

For an airline without a closet, keep your garment bag safe by placing it above your suitcases in the overhead bin. If you’re traveling alone, best to inform your seatmates that you are carrying a wedding gown so they can be extra careful.

Do Not Check Your Wedding Dress

This is one crucial rule: never separate yourself from your wedding dress. Checking your dress is a huge no-no, because you will risk the possibility of never seeing your gown again.

Before you even book a flight, research your chosen airline’s policy on carry-on items: the size, weight, and type of item. This is to help you adjust your luggage and be able to carry your gown with you.

Backup Steamer

Your bridal party, or the accommodation, may already have a steamer, but it is best to bring a backup. It’s packable and inexpensive, and you’ll be glad you brought one. Your special garment bag can surely guarantee to keep your gown wrinkle-free, but it is crucial to keep in mind that you cannot take risks on your wedding gown.

Plus, a streamer not only gets rid of rumples and wrinkles; it can also help enhance your gown’s layers and accentuate its silhouette. If your dress has ruches, the more it would benefit from a steamer.

The perks of being a bride-to-be

Flying with a wedding gown is a great challenge. However, staff members will always be generously helpful. They are experts in this type of situation and will assist you every step of the way, especially if they know that you’re a bride-to-be.

Don’t be shy in letting them know you are carrying a super delicate item, from the airport security to the airline personnel, to the flight attendant. And if you give them your most dazzling smile, not hiding your amicable and engaging personality, they will surely give the extra mile in taking care of your precious gown!

With these easy-breezy tips, you’ll be able to get your stunning gown from Point A to B in mint condition. If you liked our post,keep reading our blog because we’ll share other wedding tips for brides in the future. Have you got other techniques on how to fly with a wedding gown? Drop us a comment!

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For over 17 years, professional photographers Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato have helped couples in New York City and across the globe capture and preserve weddings, engagements, and other special moments and milestones.

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