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How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding



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A guide to plan the perfect destination wedding

How To Plan A Destination Wedding Flawlessly

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For most people, the wedding day is one of the best days of their life. Different people have different fantasies about this day. And they want it to be perfect in all ways. To make this day more memorable many people choose the destination wedding to turn their fantasies into reality. As a wedding can already be a source of much stress for the couple, then a destination wedding can add more stress. Due to stress and miss management, many people ruin their big day, so further in the article, we learn how to avoid any problems on this special day and make it perfect.

Start With Basic Things

If you are doing destination wedding planning, you should decide your budget, and then you should select your guests according to your budget. After this choose the country in which you always wanted to get married. After you have decided all these things, the first you should do is check your and your partner’s passport and visas. Thus, it is perfect to hire a travel agent to make things smooth.

Time For The Venue

Now the most important part comes, which is the venue’s decision, and after this, consult with the venue coordinator. According to a destination wedding guide, you should make your wedding website announce your destination wedding and tell the guests about the date and accommodation. It is recommended to do all of this early so that guests can get ready for travel.

It’s Time For Management

After all these things, you should work with the wedding planner and the venue coordinator to plan your destination wedding. Now you have to make appointments with florists, caterers, photographers, rentals & linens, makeup artists, and hairstylists. Now according to the destination wedding guide, book your tickets, choose your dress, and buy your wedding rings.

Complete Your Checklist

Furthermore, it’s time to select the invitation cards for your destination wedding and send them to your guests. Then, choose a suitable date for your bridal shower and bachelor party and update it on your wedding website. In your destination wedding planning, you must add rehearsal dinners to make everything more perfect and organized. As it is an out of a country wedding, you should arrange transport for the guests, yourself and your partner.

Finalize All Things

It’s time to finalize everything, double-check all the appointments and contracts. See if all the legal documents are complete as these are the most crucial part of your wedding. Try to send things before to your venue coordinator that you cannot take with you. Check the flights, weather, and problems that might occur and their solutions.

 It is preferred that you go to your destination wedding country at least one week before so that you can check everything, get to know the place, adjust yourself, and make arrangements for your guests. This goes without saying, but you must also taste the food. In addition, one day before the event check your wedding dress, other accessories and take proper rest.

On Wedding Day

Try to keep yourself calm and let go of any stress. Take a deep breath in case of anxiety. Allow yourself generous time to get ready and enjoy as much as you can.

We can see that arranging a destination wedding can be exhausting, but if you follow all the steps and keep a check on everything, then it can be your fairytale wedding. Try to start planning all these things a year before so that you have plenty of time in case of any inconvenience and due to proper time you can also give time to yourself and so not get exhausted.

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For over 17 years, professional photographers Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato have helped couples in New York City and across the globe capture and preserve weddings, engagements, and other special moments and milestones.

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