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Wedding day guide for a stress-free experience



For over 17 years, professional photographers Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato have helped couples in New York City and across the globe capture and preserve weddings, engagements, and other special moments and milestones.





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Wedding day guide for a stress-free experience

We’ve come to it, the subject almost no one talks about because it is forgotten once the wedding is over and the couple is off enjoying their married life; but wedding day stress is very much real. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be that way, we are firm believers that with the proper strategy and time management, everything will run smoothly. In fact, our long experience has taught us that having a well-thought timeline is always the key! But how do you know how to plan everything accordingly and enjoy when the time comes? In light of this, we at a Day of Bliss have compiled a wedding day guide to help you manage the most important event of your life!

We strongly suggest to have a professional Wedding Planner or at least a Day-of-Coordinator involved to assure a delightful Wedding Day for you and all guests! You will be able to free your mind and enjoy this important day in your life

As photographers, we never want to miss any detail while portraying your story, that’s why we have a general schedule that we usually go with but of course – it is always tailored to fit your unique needs. Here are our main wedding day tips for a stress-free experience!

Getting Ready – We start our day with the detail shoot, dedicating plenty of time to capture essentials like the dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. It is an important part that mustn’t be rushed. In the meantime, we recommend that all hair and makeup are completely done before we arrive, and furthermore, it is important the bridesmaids are dressed before you. That will give us time to capture the moment when you put on your dress and are surrounded by your loved ones, who naturally have to be ready. Make sure you have your stylists come on time, but even if they run a bit late, we will be doing the detail shoot – everything is still fine and stress-free. Also, we give our brides generous 30 minutes to put on the dress, which is an opportunity for you to relax and have emotional moments with your mom and bridesmaids.

 First Look – By having already created a relaxed atmosphere and you are ready to meet your beloved, it is time to dedicate a full hour of candid emotions. We love the excitement in the air, the beginning of the realization that you are to be married, the intimacy and passion during the First Look. Not only will this give you a chance to both ease the tension, but also couples look incredibly beautiful and emotional, of course, we never want to miss that. In the worst-case scenario, if by any chance the preparations run late; we don’t have to use that full hour, instead, you can relax. Then we will shoot a few portraits and come up with something as the day follows. The most important thing is for you to be at ease and enjoy.

 Wedding Party – continuing with our wedding day guide, next are the portraits of your wedding party. That includes you both, the stunning bridesmaids and sharp-dressed groomsmen, or friends who you’ve chosen to be by your side as you tie the knot. For this, we have the leisure of 30 minutes for all of you to immerse in pure joy and laughter!

 Family Portraits – It is time for another 30 minutes of raw emotions and fun! This time we continue with the Family Portraits. One of the main reasons why we schedule this before the ceremony is because of mutual functionality. How? Well, think in the direction of no distractions throughout the wedding day, because you will spend time with them now, greet your guests properly later without your family having to catch up with you at the same time; and you get to savor moments for just the two of you as the event progresses.

 Ceremony – Timing is everything. We will be finished with the family portraits 30 mins before the ceremony so you get to have some time away to catch a breath and freshen up, waiting for it to start. In the meanwhile that gives us space to portray the ceremony venue and all of its decor while guests slowly make their appearance. At this point, you’ve already seen your beloved, spent time with your close ones and family. Every timetable on our wedding day guide is planned in that manner to ground you and relieve you of any stress before your iconic moment!

 Reception – One of our most important wedding day tips is the following: enjoy and surrender to fun! We will be there, following every emotion, every gesture, every heartwarming moment, weaving your perfect love story into visually curated poetry.

 We conclude our wedding day guide with the following: the secret to everything proceeding without stress is a good organization and being ahead of time by sticking to the plan. That way you will be relaxed and infused with happiness, instead of worrying about what happens next, focusing only on just the two of you!

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For over 17 years, professional photographers Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato have helped couples in New York City and across the globe capture and preserve weddings, engagements, and other special moments and milestones.

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