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10 useful wedding photography tips for couples



For over 17 years, professional photographers Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato have helped couples in New York City and across the globe capture and preserve weddings, engagements, and other special moments and milestones.





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Useful wedding photography tips for couples

A wedding photo guide for all those who don’t know where to start

Let’s be honest, you’ve been thinking about this since you got engaged and started planning your wedding! Contemplating poses, how will you look in the photos, and how can you look amazing in every single one of them. As wedding photographers with long-year experience, we’ve heard our fair share of worries about the photo session. Shy couples who needed time to be comfortable with the camera lens, brides and grooms who were unsure about which photography style to choose, etc. This led us to write a post containing wedding photography tips for couples. The goal of this article? Help you to make your wedding photos nothing short of breathtaking!

Tip 1. Book An Engagement Photo Session

Booking an engagement session offers many possibilities for you as a couple to get to know the photographer. This can be seen as an opportunity to practice before the wedding. Many couples haven’t done professional sessions so they wouldn’t know how to act or what to do – even though the photographer will guide you, it is one thing to do it at least once then have experience for the wedding photos.

Tip 2. Plan a Relaxed Timeline

Dedicate time for your shoot. When there is a relaxed atmosphere without rushing, you will have plenty of time to work with your photographer, go through suggestions and just be your natural self. When there are limits, such as bridal tasks running late; you will feel pressure and need to get everything within the schedule, thus be late for the shoot and feel stressed – unfortunately, that doesn’t look well in photos. Photography can read your every emotion, that is why it is essential to be at ease.

Tip 3. Choose a Venue aligned with your Style

We’ve already expressed the importance of being relaxed and yourself during sessions but also your wedding, that is why choosing a venue in which you will feel comfortable is of the essence. If feeling hesitant about a certain place, you can consult with your photographer but also search celebration photos of that venue and decide if that is what you would like. Remember, it is all about enjoying yourself. Candid happiness is the best beauty asset that you have!

Tip 4. Hire Professional Bridal Beauty Stylists

There are both wedding photography tips for couples and other suggestions that are meant for the bride. And this tip makes part of the second category.

In A Day Of Bliss, we believe a bride should always trust professionals to deliver her vision! Professionals know how to make your hair look perfect from any angle or apply makeup that isn’t too glowy for an outdoor session, nor too muted for indoors. In addition, they can give you incredible tips for your wedding day on how to remain looking flawless.

Tip 5. Prepare beforehand and make sure you have all the details

As photographers, our craft is telling your story, so making sure you have all the quintessential details ready to be photographed is of vital importance. Prepare your gown, accessories, invitation suite, shoes, and all the valuable things that you plan to include.

Tip 6. Redesign your wedding day timeline

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you will be sticking to your schedule, unforeseen unexpected things may happen which will slow down the process and may stir anxiety. In that case, plan extra time in between events. If your bridal preparation time is expected to last one and a half hours, add another 30 minutes. One cannot control everything so adding extra time to your timetable is a lifesaver and won’t take away any precious time off your bridal photo session.

Tip 7. First Look

This is a wonderful opportunity to release any wedding day tension. You get to be yourselves for a time, followed by raw intimate connection and emotions. Not only the session will be enchanting, but the wedding photos will also be incredible due to having already relaxed with your beloved.

Tip 8. Golden Hour Magic

The one thing that is guaranteed to add a dreamy flair to the photos is the golden glow during sunset. Scheduling at least 5 minutes to have few portraits taken will be more than worth it, that we guarantee.

Tip 9. Communicate with your Photographer

Sharing all your wishes and what is important to you to be captured, is very important. Additionally, it is advised that you share what part of your appearance gives you confidence. That way the photographer will take certain things into consideration when guiding you for certain poses. The same goes for things that you don’t like. A photographer will always heed your wishes, that is why honesty is important.

Tip 10. Trust the skills of your chosen Photographer

Last on our wedding photo guide is maybe one of the most important tips, surrender to celebrating and enjoying, and trust your photographer to beautifully portray this new chapter of your life. After all, we photographers are visual storytellers with the sole purpose of making sure that your wedding photos are perfect!

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For over 17 years, professional photographers Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato have helped couples in New York City and across the globe capture and preserve weddings, engagements, and other special moments and milestones.

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